My Google Chrome extension for Looker Studio

Looker Studio companion chrome plugin

Episode 6 – November 8, 2022

The community of Looker Studio users shared nice ideas on social networks about the resources tab of the companion. I’ve included some of them. Below the final result in a small video with 2 levels of links:

  • The most used as a LS designer
    • Functions reference
    • Regex checker
    • Date formats
    • Unicode characters
    • Icons library
  • For help, bugs and exceptions
    • Official Looker Studio help and community forum
    • Measure Slack with the amazing #google-lookerstudio channel
    • Official LS bug/request tracker
    • LS release notes
    • Google Cloud services status

Now, I will do my best to launch my extension with a first publicly published version on November.

Episode 5 – November 2, 2022

Regular Looker Studio usages requires to have on hand important resources. So, I’ve just worked on the design and content of the resources tab, including access to important pages:

  • Functions reference
  • Date formats
  • Unicode characters
  • Looker Studio release notes
  • LS bug tracker

Looker Studio companion - Resources tab
Looker Studio companion – First version of resources tab

Episode 4 – October 21, 2022

I included a search/filter for data source fields, with regex support.
Really useful, combined to bulk actions, to go fast for data source curation.

Let’s go fast!

Episode 3 – October 18, 2022

Google Data Studio is rebranded and becomes Looker Studio.

So, my Chrome plugin name is now Looker Studio companion. With a new logo, optimized for tiny size display.

Let’s celebrate this rebranding cascading with a new & first bulk actions feature for data source fields!

There are 500+ fields on a GA3 data sources, 140+ for GA4 (& more soon), 400+ for Piano Analytics…
How many fields do we really use for our tagging plan? How many are present in our Looker Studio reports?

We need bulk actions for fields curation for a better productivity and performances. I suspect it improves performance for data fetching and HTML browser rendering (a lot of HTML elements depends on the number of fields in the user interface: data panel, chart fields, chart filter…).

Episode 2 – September 8, 2022

After some discussions with the community, I rename my chrome plugin “companion”. Better than “catalyst”. It corresponds more to the tool…

I add a second feature: An option to hide the data panel. This panel is too often unnecessary for my usages.

Episode 1 – September 2, 2022

Starting to work on something I’ve got in mind for too long, something to improve productivity inside Google Data Studio Looker Studio. A Chrome extension to workaround some limitations with custom features, get resources at your fingertips and try some moves for performance purposes.

The beginning of another side project 🙂

What about starting easy…

widening chart formula field…often to small even for basic calculated fields…